Our bus option at WKU, Winter Term almost over here, Spring Term is coming up.

I had not thought of Winter Term for awhile. Some people like it though, and it works for them. Others don't like it at all.

My husband reminded me that Spring Term/Semester was almost here. The campus will really fill up then. Right now there are many empty parking spots.

We have at least one new parking lot for Western that are not on campus. Commuters can park, then take a bus to school. I like this option. When I first went to college, I helped make this happen as part of Student Government. We thought it would be a great idea.

Now the bus goes to WKU, and also to the Community College. I think the bus system is great for all ages, and can really help going up the famous hill we have at WKU. It's a pretty steep hill.

Do you have a bus system? Does it work well? It really helps here, because there are not unlimited parking spaces on campus. Some days it's hard to find a parking spot. You need to come really early to get a spot in some places.

I wonder if other campuses have a bus system option. If you do, leave a comment.


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