Court Case of Daymar College vs. Students goes in students' favor.

This is a big story in my book.

It may have had a news story on TV too, but I don't always watch the news, so I don't know for sure.

It is about a for-profit school, which allegedly told students that their credits would transfer (and they didn't), and also had the students sign a form barring them from suing, which the court said was non-binding. The students also said the school gave "bogus" claims about job placement. Here is more:

Daymar College to Settle with Ex-Students - from the Louisville Courier-Journal.

We have a Daymar College campus here where I live too.

It is a for-profit college, and perhaps some of its advisors told students their credits would transfer, but they didn't. And they didn't have much job help either, it seems.

So... be careful! Do your research on schools, for sure. And double-check claims, too, with other people before owing a LOT of money and not getting what you were promised.

Here is some history:
Attorney General Conway Files Suit against Daymar College (July 2011, revised 2013)

Students sue over Daymar College "lies" - April, 2014

Daymar College Locations: Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky...

I wonder if this For-Profit School chain will stay in business after this... it's hard to say.

And here is another posting about for-profit schools - - it has a video too.

A Nightline Investigation - are For-Profit Schools Telling Students the Truth? 


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