More Advice for the Nontraditional Student - 15 Tips

You may or may not have heard these tips before.

But they are things that may REALLY help you out as you go back to school.

#1. Let other people answer the teacher besides you. You don't have to always hold your hand up. And limit how long you talk. Other people want to enter in.

#2. Try looking for scholarships before you are in school. You never know!

#3. If you don't have great eyesight or hearing, sit in the front - even if this is uncomfortable for you at first.

#4. TAKE NOTES if at all possible. If not, record your classes (if they are lecture-style)

#5. Make some friends.

#6. Make a study group if you need to.

#7. Think positive, this can make a difference.

#8. Don't take too many classes at once.

#9. Drop classes by the deadline, or you can really regret it.

#10. Make sure to know your prerequisites... and plan for what classes to take when. (Ask your Advisor if you are not sure... it's worth the time...)

#11. Try to have a relationship with your teacher AND at least a few of your classmates, if possible.

#12. Be friendly.

#13. Always carry a Scheduler or Calendar. Use it.

#14. Never wait for the last minute on assignments.

#15. If you have a hard time in a class, don't lose heart. You can always take it over, IF you need to.

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