A note to myself about lists... and to Nontraditional Students: JUST DO IT!!

I am making a list. AND starting to actually DO things that are on it.

For me, this means a combination of things, blogging, writing, finishing those books, making some pottery and art, and doing some serious scanning and starting of NEW projects. This does not make a complete list either.

For nontraditional students, sometimes a LIST can be something useful to you, too. Are you on the fence? Make a Pro and Con List. Just divide a sheet of paper with a vertical line, and list all the reasons why you DO want to go back to school (and all the positive ramifications), and the Con side (at the right) will list all your reservations and reasons NOT to go back. Keep it up. Which side is bigger?

Tips for Inspiration

Are you wanting to go back to school, but NOT wanting to quit your job? The options are out there for you now, with many courses online and some at great times, to fit your schedule.

Have you been out of school for a long time? That's OK. And you will probably meet (online or in person) many people like you if you choose to go back to school today.

Be courageous - and improve your self-esteem

So... get that pen and paper out. And start LISTING what YOU want to do with your life. Or how you plan to catch up, and start something new. Like maybe school!

 Good luck, too. And let me know how it goes!

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