The Many Reasons Nontraditional Students go Back to School, blending in, some words of encouragement, more.

I know there are a great number of reasons nontraditional students go back to school.

Often, I hear, it's to upgrade skills, or to get a better job.

Sometimes it's to explore something you never thought you'd get to learn about. Or to offer a family a better income, after learning a new profession.

Luckily, there are more older students in school now, so if you are an older student, you won't stand out as much. And many younger students do put forth the effort to be friendly too.

Some clubs are opening their membership to include different ages. I like this.

I think just having the courage to actually DO IT instead of just thinking about it deserves recognition. Because it is not always easy to go to school. Some people fit it in where they can. And paying back the school loan money can take a long time, too.

If nobody has told you anything good about going back to school, I want to do that right now, right here.


I know how hard that first step can be. But maybe the next steps in your continuing education won't be quite so hard.

I hope they won't be!

Good luck going back to school. 

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