Tips for Inspiration - or how to get moving towards the important things

OK - you know who you are. Or maybe not...

You (and I!) can be the people who think about special projects, going back to school, doing artwork, writing a book or short story, joining a club... etc. etc. etc. But often, we wind up doing something else instead, and putting what is really important on the proverbial back burner.

Some readers will not recognize themselves in this posting. But I'll bet some will. I admire those people who are organized and concentrate on those things that matter.

I have to admit... I need help with organization and following through. I procrastinate. I put important things off. I choose to just let things stay the same. I come up with excuses NOT to do things that I want to do. I suddenly become very busy with little things that don't matter... in order not to have to think about what is really important or start on that important task.

So what is stopping me - - or maybe you? Some say fear. Some say bad experiences in the past. Still others say that low self-esteem can play a factor in NOT doing something that really is quite important.

Thinking about choices in the past can be a non-too-fun endeavor too that gets me sidetracked. I can get stuck in the past, going over and over things that can't be changed. It can seem hard to focus just on today and what I want to really get done with my time.

But I really DO want to get motivated and get things done. I keep coming back to that, and trying even harder.

What helps me? Here are some tips I hope will inspire you to get started doing the important things, like going back to school or getting that important project done.

1. Make a list - getting a great list done helps me prioritize and actually get some important things done. I must post this list on the wall and NOT get it mixed up in other papers for it to start working though. What also helps is making time to actually make the list. And looking at the list helps too.

2. Pay attention. I must take a rest break or meditate in order to zero in on the important things so I can put them high on my #1 list. Sometimes meditating can help me be more relaxed and able to focus on important things. Writing "meditation daily" on my list is also helpful.

3. Read or listen to what experts say. I have found some great books and tapes that have helped me. Some are available at library sales or yard sales. Others I find on Amazon. But of course you can buy them new if your budget permits. Some authors I recommend are: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ayanla Vanzant, The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Sark, and Julia Cameron. There are more that I plan to talk about later too.

4. Keeping the little things up to date. This helps me free up time for what is MORE important. If you are trying to organize the house, for instance, do a little of that every day.

What helps you get or stay motivated to do the really important things? I know for nontraditional students those things might be studying, deciding where to go to school, working on projects, or studying online. It could also be starting that book, article, or artwork piece.

List what you use to motivate yourself and get important things done. I would love to hear what helps you.

Nontraditionally Yours,

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These links and this advice is for people going back to school after a break, nontraditional students... who are becoming a big part of post-high school students across the country.

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