Here are a few ways to be nice to a nontraditional student today.

This posting is for families, friends, fellow students, and others who know a nontraditional student.

It takes a lot for many nontraditional students to go back to school. And they deserve some kudos for that! Here are some things you can do for a nontraditional student.

#1. Acknowledge them! For younger students and maybe some family members, this just means talking to them. For a fellow student, it may mean telling them about a club or study group they may want to join.

#2. Help them! Tell them about your advisor (if you like them!), and/or just say hi to them once in awhile in the school hallways. Families, pitch in on chores around the house once in awhile. Kids, give that nontraditional student mom or dad a hug too.

#3. Honor them (this one is for families). Tell your nontraditional student how proud you are of them.

#4.  Help them take a break. Are you a friend of a nontraditional student? Maybe you can do some shopping for them or babysit once in awhile. Maybe you can talk them into taking a vacation or a short break from their studies.

Nontraditional students are students going back to school after a break. Are you one?

I and of course my readers, would love to hear your story. Tell it in a comment, or send me your story and I will try to feature it here on the Nontrad blog.

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