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About career and aptitude testing

Okay. Maybe you are already grown up. Do you feel like you are going to be in your career forever? Or are you training for another job? To say it another way, is your work your life? Can you live without your job? Do you want to change your work life? Have you been laid off and can't decide what to do next?

Deciding on a change can take some time. It can also take knowing yourself and what you like. If you have a job that is fun, the saying goes, you won't work a day in your life. That sounds great, doesn't it?

In order to start your journey towards another career, you need to find alternatives to what you have already done. One way of learning about choices that are right for you  is by taking an aptitude test.

There are plenty of PAY sites online too that help you do this. Other places you can access FREE career testing or aptitude testing is at a high school OR guidance office at a school you wish to attend.

Some career or aptitude tests can be fun to take. They can clarify what you are qualified to do in a second or third career. These tests can point out some areas you yourself might not have thought. I think that a good new career can be fun and also can utilize what YOU are good at.

Here are some links and sites that may be interesting to you:
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The Test Q Site
50 free tests from the CollegeTimes site

Are you changing careers? I have done that at least twice. For those who are doing that, write about it! And send me the link or put it here as a comment.

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