Nontraditional students: It's time for Summer School and Summer Classes

Nontraditional students and others are taking some classes this summer during Summer Sessions.
Is this you?

WKU (where I was a nontraditional student) did offer summer classes when I was first in school, and still does. They also offer a new Winter Session and a May Session too.

Because there is not as much time to complete class assignments, summer classes are sometimes very much harder than comparable Fall or Spring classes. But they can also be fun. Most important, they can also be very welcome in fulfilling requirements and may be the only choice for some nontrads.

The poll I posted in May here on the Nontrad Blog shows that 33% of the nontraditional student who responded are going to summer school. Many also have part-time jobs.

The Students over 30 blog site has many more disadvantages listed in their list of Pros and cons of Taking College Summer Courses. I must say I do agree with the point that vacations are more fun than school in the summer, but face it: sometimes you just have to bit that bullet.

Are you going to summer school? How is it going? Were you able to have any time off between Spring Semester and Summer School?

Let me and my readers know by posting a comment. Thanks!

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