Summer plans, going forward, going backward - - - there are so many choices.

Choices, choices, choices.

It seems like that is one thing being a grownup is all about. It really IS all up to us. And it is not always easy. Drifting along with the current seems to be easy sometimes, and then when we really think about it, it might not be getting us what we really want in life. And time continues to go by.

Summer seems like a time of choices to me. Then there is the Fall, when school starts up again. What to do... have you learned all you want to learn? Are you in a rut or can't think if there are any choices for you?

What IS true is that sometimes a person can think there is no chance of a change, when actually there IS.

When it comes to school, you can look up what it will take to get another certification or degree. Are you at a crossroads? Or have you decided to go back to school?

If you think going back to school as a nontraditional student is something you might want to do, now is the time to talk to somebody at your local college about it, and see what your options are. There could be a #scholarship or #grant available you could take advantage of, or a School-to-Work program locally.

AND there is also Summer School.

OR vacation, which may or may not do a lot for your career or school plans.

Write a comment - what are YOUR plans for this summer?

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Good luck, too!


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