Nontraditional Students... are you in school right now, having doubts, or are you afraid to go back to school?

Some of us have already heard the not-so-good stories of people who went back to school...

They had really bad things happen to them.

1. They didn't get the job they wanted.

2. They flunked out.

3. They changed their major and had to go one or more years longer.

4. They had to quit early.

5. They owed upteen thousands of dollars after going back to school,  and then had to pay it all back, and this was very, very hard.

6. They had zero support from family and/or friends.

7. They lost interest.

Are you afraid of these things happening to you? Are you already in school and are worried you will fail or quit?

Someone on the Nontraditional Student Yahoo group was sorry she went back. She has not yet found a job she wants. The only jobs she can get involve moving, which is easier for younger people than for older ones.

As for me (and you may know this already) I went back for teaching, and only taught for one (count it) ONE semester. Really. But I learned a LOT. And I can use the skills I learned now in many ways.

Others went back to school and got a great job. I think knowing a lot about what you are going back to do can help. Motivation and support can also help. Talking a lot to your school Advisors and teachers can also help. Being in a Nontraditional Student group can help. Having a plan can help.

It's not a be-all and end-all. But going back to school CAN make a major difference in your life. Whether it is graduate school or taking another subject you think you'd be good at, keeping a positive attitude and working hard can help.

Maybe these links will help you or somebody you know.

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