My Club Picnic makes me think of Nontraditional Students - and the clubs THEY can join.

You, yes you, can join clubs, on campus or via your school.

This could be something you have overlooked. I have a club picnic today. It's for a local computer group. It made me think about groups I used to be in when I was in college. They were so fun. They had events, like picnics, that were enjoyable and made being in school a lot of fun. I was in a few of these groups.

The question: why be a joiner when you are in school? Because you get to meet people and have fun. They usually don't take a lot of time to be in, especially if you don't volunteer to be an officer. And you can take advantage of the neat and fun events they have. Meetings can also be a great reason to take a break from the books. And some groups have picnics, get-togethers, and even pizza at meetings.

New friends don't have to be your own age in order to be interesting, and you get out of the rut of just school, school, school and studying every second.

There are several other articles about joining clubs at your school. Most are about joining OR making a Nontraditional student group. But did you know that nowadays groups and clubs at your school welcome older students?

So you are older. It's not a big deal. You may feel at first that you should not even try to join a group or club.

You could be shy. You could feel that everyone else will be younger, and you won't fit in. But especially today, it's OK to be different - - in fact, some groups actually like to have a diverse membership. AND you might find out you are NOT the only one of your age in the club you like.

You can also check out each group first to see if you feel comfortable in each one. You won't be the only one doing this, I am sure.

Here are some ideas about different kinds of groups you may have at your school:

Hiking/Nature Clubs
Science, Math Clubs
*Nontraditional Student Groups (you can also make your own group)
Political groups
Sororities or Fraternities (not all welcome older students, but some do - just ask!)
Service Groups
Photography Clubs
Poetry groups, English groups
Mascot groups
Astronomy clubs
Theater groups
Travel groups

Think of more? List them as a comment.

Schools of all types offer lots of fun activities, clubs, and groups. It's a great way to make your school experience a LOT more fun.

There are also groups just for your major or subject area. You can find out about jobs that are around for what you are interested in.

What can you lose?

If you find a group you like, another great benefit is making new friends there, which can be the best benefit of all.

Good luck finding a fun group!

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