Nontraditional Students - have you considered going back to school - AGAIN?

I went back to school, after a VERY long break and a career too.

This time, I took Education classes, in preparation for a teaching job. I didn't enjoy it at all, for many reasons. But that is another posting (and hopefully a book too.) But the learning was great. I did enjoy that a lot. And I learned a lot about myself too.

But back to the subject. Has anyone else reading this been back to school, then (after awhile) decided to go back AGAIN? (For another degree, or another whole subject focus?) Were you glad you did it?

I'll bet there are some good stories out there about going back to school as a nontraditional student AGAIN. There would be a great deal more pressure on a person, I think, if they had gone back and did not get a job for long in the subject studied.

And the second time going back, would there be time to really have much of a career later in life? I am myself thinking about it (again) and wondering about it. I do know that in Kentucky, if you are 65 and over, you can take free college classes. The only problem with that is, I'm not 65 yet. Darn.

Would this be fun, in school and out? Maybe yes. Would I take another 2 years to do it? Maybe not. It took awhile to pay off the student loan. School (as everyone knows) can be expensive. So that's one factor, for sure. Some classes online are free, so I think I will check that out too.

And people can learn things without being in school. There is a LOT of ways to learn things out there, especially in this computer age.

Make a comment - do you ever think of going back AFTER you have already gone back?

I am curious about that. It's worth thinking about, for sure.



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