The Olympics and the Nontraditional Student - some parallels I see.

I definitely see some parallels this week between Olympians and Nontraditional Students while I am watching video clips of the Winter Olympics 2014 on TV.

Every contestant at the Olympics representing their country has practiced long and hard to get there. Some had accidents while practicing or during their competitions. They may not be able to compete any more now. That must be so hard to deal with, after having put so much effort into getting ready.

But they were ready when they came to Sochi. Some of it was mental preparation - - believing that they could do it. NOT believing in oneself has held back many people in life. They may not think they are as bright as other students, or that they will succeed. So they don't try, or don't give it their all.

Sure, sometimes it's hard to always be studying, when it seems like others learn things much easier. That's the way I felt when taking Education classes. One thing that I did not like, I could not remember names like other people. And that is something very handy when you are teaching.

It's something I have had to deal with my whole life. But I didn't want to give up. Yes, it was a strike against me. But I wanted to try hard to see if I could succeed anyhow. It seemed like studying was all I did. But I knew if I worked hard, I could do very well. And I did! At least at the school part. The teaching part was very difficult. For one thing, the students did NOT want to be there. And I did not have any books or lesson plans. I was "reinventing the wheel", all right.

I DID learn how I would personally help new teachers if I ever had the chance. But that's off the subject a tad.

Back to the Olympics. I know that the competitors this week are giving it their all, mentally and physically. Some are testing the boundaries of what can be done in a sport. And some have had to fight harder than others to get to the Olympics.

Above all, it takes a brave person to be in the Olympics. I think it also takes a brave person to go back to school after a break, and give it their all.

Someone said that there is always going to be that person or persons that are better than you are at what you do, or want to do. Should this bother you? No. Because you can still do very well in life and at whatever you choose to do. It may take more effort, but what the heck? If you don't try, you won't know - ever. You may look back and wish you had at least tried.

Some Olympians never thought that they would win a Gold Medal. Some never thought they could win ANY medal. But they did. Some didn't - - but they are now able to say that they TRIED.

I'm sure many had setbacks in their athletic careers. Some have never had a setback. But for all of the Olympians, they persevered, practiced, and did not give up.

I believe in testing your boundaries and going for it. The Olympians are doing that right now. And so can you.  If you are on the fence, and don't know whether or not you can make it in school, I hope I can convince you to at least try. And don't give up! Never give up!



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