Does your college offer free classes? You can find out.

Free classes - who doesn't want those?
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I used to think Audit classes were free.
It used to be at WKU (the college in my town) had classes you could take in the Art Department for no credit. (And in other departments, I'm pretty sure.)

These were audit classes. I remember my Mom took these.

They still offer an audit option for classes there. This means you don't get a regular college credit for it, but you may still attend the class.

At WKU, audit courses require an OK from the teacher. BUT they are not free classes.

But if you are over 65, you CAN take free classes.
If you are 65 or over, (in Kentucky) you receive FREE tuition for any classes you want to take.

That is, unless the classes are full. So it seems talking to the professor or teacher would be handy in this situation, to squish into the classes, if that is possible.

Does YOUR school also have this benefit? Check the link below.

The Senior Citizen Guide for College - this site's description is: "This is a comprehensive guide of all college in all states that provide reduced or free tuition for senior citizens."

I think it's definitely worth a look.

I met somebody (also in the Art Department at WKU) about five years ago. She said that she was finally taking some art classes. I believe she was a painter. She was over 65, and so happy to be fulfilling her dream.

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