Remembering family - sending care packages, writing, etc.

This posting for my nontraditional student friends and those who help them is about writing.

Like the photographer below says, writing is definitely MY hobby.

Writing is my hobby - photo by Charles Jeffrey Danoff on Flickr.

Are you the oldest member of your family? Do you enjoy writing too?

Chances are you MAY still have older people in your family circle. If you do, honor them by writing, calling them, or sending them a CARE package, in-between your studies and semi-vacations and work.

Older family members still do appreciate an occasional note by snail mail. And a CARE package can be fun to give and receive. You can put food, little gifts, cards, your phone number, and more in one.

I personally still like to write letters to older family members. 

There is nothing like a newsy letter by mail. I like them! It's fun to select the perfect stamp, and adding maybe a sticker or two on the other side.

Now, your older relatives may not always be able to write you back. But sometimes you can call them on the phone instead. My older family members are not online, as much as I'd wish them to be.

I have some stationery I have found at yard sales and also at other stores. I enjoy using fun stationery. And sometimes I just use typing paper embellished with some fun clip art off of the computer (if I'm typing a letter) or I will do a quick flower sketch.

And other times, I will pen a real handwritten letter too, for a change.

Are you still writing family members?

I don't know if a lot of people my age (boomer age) still do this, but I do. If you are the oldest in your family, you may also like to write or may enjoy a letter now and then from someone.

Even if you don't have somebody you can write, you can maybe find a Pen Pal online to write to.

I found one such place online to share today. I have used this site before, and found a friend there from India and one from Switzerland. I like it!

I haven't heard lately from them, but one of these days I will go to the sites and check them again.

Here is that site:

The Friendship Page (based in Australia, but with members around the world)...

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