Top 5 postings of 2013 for Nontraditional Students, plus vote on two polls - thanks!

Five Favorite Postings  - 2 Polls to vote on - Products and Postings.

First, here are five of some of my VERY favorite postings from previous years listed today.

I look forward to doing updated versions of these or other subjects this year. Leave a comment on what you would like to read about in 2014.

#1.  Finding Scholarships and Grants for School

#2. 10 Tips for Doing Well on Final Exams

#3. Ivy League Schools are Beckoning to Nontraditional Students

#4. Must-Have Supplies for the Adult Nontraditional Student

and #5. 10 Advantages of Face-to-Face Classes.

Stay tuned here for a special page of nontraditional things coming soon.

Secondly, here are two polls - vote on your one favorite product AND your one favorite posting you would like to see in 2014. If you want to vote for another one, you must log in as a different user or use a different browser, I think.

PRODUCTS YOU'D LIKE TO SEE: (click the circles, then hit the bar above "View Stats").

POSTINGS HERE YOU'D LIKE TO SEE: (click the circles, then hit the bar above "View Stats").

Vote - then click "View Stats" below each poll to see the results so far.

Former Nontraditional Student at WKU, in English and Allied Arts Education.
Former student at WKU, English and Art.

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