10 Things to Do to Make Next Year Even Better - my ideas.

Hello, nontraditional students. 

Nontraditional students (and you may know this already...) are people who are going back to school after a break. I have been one of you in the past, in my 50's, and really did get a lot out of going back to school.

I started a nontraditional student club (at Western Kentucky University) and also made some younger friends, many of whom I am still in touch with.

Soon, some of us will be making up New Years' resolutions for next year. You may want to pick one or two up from me, on my list for next year.

OK. Here is my posting for today.

Things to Do to Make Next Year Even Better.

#1. Realize that the only person you can change is yourself. This one's a toughie, but worth doing.

#2. Think about doing those things you wish you had done last year. This includes working on projects or special hobbies you love. Make time for them.

#3. (from a book I was looking at yesterday) do a Good Deed every day (or try). It's best if the person you help didn't even know you did anything for them. But it's OK if you can't make that part of it!

#4.  Get your Christmas or holiday card list in order sometime during the year. That way, you can reconnect even more next year.

#5. (for Nontraditional students especially) take a bit of time for yourself once in awhile, instead of ONLY concentrating on school. You'll thank me.

#6. Get organized - - school-wise, anyway. Use your calendar and remember to look at it every day.

#7. Take care of your health. If there is a clinic somewhere on campus that is reasonable or free, use it. If you have not signed up for a Health Care Plan yet, do that too.

#8. Join a club or group at school, if you can. Older students are now welcomed in many groups, including fraternities and sororities. It doesn't hurt to ask.

#9. Speak to somebody you don't know today - - in or out of class. Take their contact information, and offer to buy them coffee or some such. Making friends while you are at school is of course not the major reason you went, but it is good for you.

#10. Smile. Give somebody else a reason to feel good today.

Love it? Leave a comment. Or share YOUR things you think others should do.

And have a GREAT holiday too.

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