Planning for a winter course? I didn't. Express your opinion.

A Poll, an Ice Storm, and Winter Term

I wrote a popular posting here once, Winter Term, Love it or hate it? about attending school during the (rather short) period between Fall and Spring terms.

I have winter on the brain today - - in Kentucky we are expecting a possible ice storm. Of course, WKU is probably closed. Hopefully anyway.

Getting back to Winter Term, although I never attended college for Winter Term, I did go to Summer Term once. Everything was jammed into a much smaller timeframe, and Kentucky was extra hot that summer, so I remember mostly sweating and studying with not a lot of break time in-between.

BUT I needed to take those classes, get the two classes I took over with and then graduate.

If you love or hate Winter Term, or don't care, let me know via this poll.You can add your opinion to others!

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