Hot College Degrees for 2013. Here's to Nontrads, and hoping this semester went well.

Good job, nontraditional students. It's been a long haul for some of you.

And in this economy, it's been hard to decide to go back to school sometimes.

Are you taking classes that will get you a better job? Or are you finally learning about something you wish you'd known about long ago, and never went to explore it before now?

There are many reasons students go back to school after a break. It's good to know that you are NOT the only one out there. Some schools do a great job in supporting their older students, some don't. But more and more are doing a better and better job, which I'm glad to hear.

Here is an article you may like.

Hot College Degrees for 2013 via Yahoo. 

I like Yahoo articles, they are well researched and well written. Some degrees mentioned in this article that are HOT are Health Care Administration, Business Administration, Public Administration, and Forensics and Criminal Science.

So this whole list would be worth looking at.

And I hope this semester went well. Here's to the promise and excitement of NEXT semester!!

Former Nontraditional Student in Education (English and Allied Arts, WKU).
BA, English, and a minor in Art.

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