Useful links for nontraditional students, and have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Ready for the holidays? 

Some nontraditional students may be stuck at a faraway school for the holidays. Some may have to move and then move back after the holidays are over.

What is your situation? Perhaps you are taking classes from home. In that case, not much may be changing for you.

Whether you are at home or not, I hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving and holiday season.

I know I will be trying to send out Christmas cards, both virtual and actual, this year. It is a big project, so perhaps I should wrap presents earlier than ever. Wish me luck!

And the very best of luck to all nontraditional students who no doubt are working on projects, reports, and studying for year-end tests and exams.

It's a busy time of year. But also exciting!

Here are some useful links for you, as you wind up the semester.

#1.  10 Study Tips for Nontraditional Students

#2. 10 Tips and Links to help you do GREAT on your Finals and Tests

Some more of my nontraditional student links are:

The Nontrad site and blog

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and Nontrads on Twitter

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