Don't give up, Nontraditional Students! Stay the course, and keep your eye on the goal.

Some days are just naturally harder than others, I think.

For instance, some days you wake up late, you aren't feeling good, you have to run to class, or perhaps you are not quite ready for that pop quiz.

But you get through it. You borrow some notes, you get a study group together for a hard class, and you soldier on.

I think there are heros out there who are nontraditional students. They deal with being part of a "Sandwich Generation" of people who are caring for parents AND kids. Yet they are brave enough to be going back to school after a break to improve their lives and often, the lives of others too.

Take a "congratulation" today and pat yourself on the back. Take some time for yourself, and take care of yourself properly.

You deserve it.

Former Nontraditional Student, in Education (English and Allied Arts)
B.A., English, and a minor in Art (the first time!)

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