Non-Traditional Students - don't give up!


Recently, I received a letter from a non-traditional student that has stopped going to school.

"I have to give up my dream..." she said.

I don't know all the details about her situation, but I was sorry to hear about it.

This person simply cannot continue with school because of her many responsibilities - - like working full-time and taking care of her family.

Hearing about this, I was sad, but I understood, because going back to school can be even HARDER for non-traditional students than for traditional students.


Because non-traditional students must often support children, take care of home duties, worry about money, and have schedule difficulties.

Some non-traditional students take out loans. Some try for scholarships. I did both. Although I was not selected for a scholarship, I did receive a grant that helped a lot.

If the non-traditional student's family is supportive, this can make the difference. But not all non-trads have a partner who can support them through school, or even give moral support.

Some families just don't understand the choice to get more education, and don't want to help.

So... some non-traditional students have a MUCH harder path they must follow.

I hope that the person who wrote me will consider going back someday, especially since it's her dream to do that.


Are you thinking of going back to school? Are you considering going back for a second time?

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Write back and let me know of other good links.

Well, I'm back to work - I hope you all have a great week.