10 Tips and Links to help you do GREAT on your Finals and Tests

Ten Study Skills Tips to Help You on Your Finals

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Yup... it's soon to be finals time. At Western Kentucky University (where I was a nontraditional student), finals were very close to the end of the semester. This year they are December 12-16. Sometimes finals counted - a lot. Sometimes they were worth the same as a test.

What helped me? These tips and links did. I learned some of these in college during my teaching training.  I have also listed some other postings that may help you on your Finals too.

Tip #1. Study for each final well before the actual final. Split your time up between all of your classes.

Tip #2. Review all your class notes. Highlight terms your teacher or professor says are important. Use highlighter markers. These really make important thing stand out.

Tip #3. Retype handwritten notes to help you remember them even better. If you have recorded lectures, replay them.

Tip #4. Make test flash cards with important facts, dates, names, etc. on them. Use them to ingrain facts. Use them many times until you know these facts well.

Tip #5. Form study groups with fellow class members. Meet 1-2 times per week, or as many times as you can, before the final. Use study groups to help quiz each other and double-check facts and what you need to know for the exam. (I found that this tip helped me up my test scores by at least one whole point...)

Tip #6. Use mnemotics to help you remember important facts, terms, or theories. Associate each fact with a picture, part of the alphabet, etc. What is a mnemotic? Think of one thing representing another to help you remember things on your Final or test.

Tip #7. Take care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep before each test or exam.

Tip #8. Use relaxation techniques to prevent test anxiety before the test. Do things like deep breathing, and telling yourself helpful things like "I can do this" and "I am prepared for this test" and "This test is going to go well."

Tip #9. Ask any questions you need of your teacher or professor before you have your test. Sometimes this can help by providing helpful pointers (like what will be on the test).

Tip #10. Attend every class - try not to miss any, especially any Test Review classes. Some teachers may actually zero in on what they think is important and what will be on the test.

Another tip: bring a working pen and sharpened pencils with you to the exam. This may save time and make you less nervous too. And just do your best.

What is YOUR favorite test or final exam-taking tip? Please list yours on this comments section.

Good luck on your final exams, nontraditional students!

Former WKU nontraditional student

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