Nontraditional students: protect your computer from hackers.

Protect your computer from hackers and viruses


Have you ever been hacked online? A hacker can be trying to sell you something, or just wanting to mess up your computer. Whatever the reason, it pays to be careful and protect your computer. 

There are some good ways to protect your computer or email from being hacked. Here are some of them:

#1. Have an anti-virus program and firewall installed on your computer. There are free versions of many of these, and some are even free.  One free program (for PC’s) is Avast.

Two helpful apps for Macs that are also free are Sophos for Mac.
and Clam Find out more at the Kim Commando Security Center.

#2. Be careful what personal information you share online. Set privacy settings on your computer on your favorite sites, and don't give out your passwords or PIN numbers to anyone online, even if it looks like an official email. It could be a phishing scam to get information.

#3. Also be careful when opening attachments. They can contain a virus or malware.

#4. Change your passwords frequently (at least twice a year, more is even better) and use a good password.

#5.  If you are a blogger or have websites, look at the code and make sure your downloads or scripts from online are not letting hackers into your site.

#6. If you find messages on Facebook or other online sites that send messages to friends with your name, immediately change your password and consult the “Help” section of that site.

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