Four Biggie Steps for Success for Nontraditional Students

Nontraditional students crave success.  
Success in school, grades, relationships, for their families and friends, and success in their careers.

It takes more than wanting success. It takes a decision, a state of mind, organization, and lots and lots of work. At least it did for me.

Steps for Success - more about it
#1. Decide what you want to do. You'd be surprised how many people can't get past this step. And it IS okay to change your mind. Some do it lots of times!

Just look up your school advisement office or online pages about your field. Then make an appointment to talk in person with an advisor. Make yourself a list of what classes to take first, when they are offered, and prerequisites too (what you must take first).

If you can't decide what you want to do most, you can always narrow it down to a few and take an introduction class in each to get a better idea. OR read books about each field.

And another tip: be sure to avail yourself of all the help you can get at school and in nontraditional groups online and offline.

#2. Be positive. Is your glass half full or half empty? It also helps to say positive things to yourself. Some things you can say to yourself are "I will succeed" and "I CAN do this." Try saying one good thing to yourself for every negative thought you have. Hang out with postitive people that believe in you.

#3. Be organized. Take your assignment notebook with you. Review it daily. Always write down your assignments. Put down names and phone numbers of fellow class members for each class there too, so you can call them if you need to. Put your assignment papers in your assignment folder. If needed, have a separate notebook for each class.

#4. Hard work - it's something nontraditional students are usually familiar with in their "other" life.

In fact, many nontrads may be working full or part-time while they are back in school. Carve out at least 1/2 hour per class or more per day if you want to keep up. Take notes, review them, meet with other students in study groups, work on assignments so you won't have to rush the day before on them, and generally work, work, work if grades are important to you.

Of course, you may be the genius that never has to work hardly at all. But chances are you are like me, somebody who has to work hard to get a good grade in school.

Good luck to everyone in school and thinking about it! I hope these hints help you.

Nontraditionally yours,
Former nontraditional student

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