Nontraditional students - 10 Encouraging Things to Say

Nontraditional students can help themselves by being encouraging to themselves. 
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Here are ten helpful things to say for all nontraditional students. I hope you like these!

#1. I am a capable, studious person.

#2. I will be successful on my next test or exam.

#3. I am a very intelligent person.

#4. I will remember to check my daily planner each day to keep on track.

#5. I will work ahead in order to have every assignment done on time.

#6. I will allow myself free time each week to recharge and rewind.

#7. I will ask others for help when I need to.

#8. I will encourage others in my educational journey.

#9. I will be brave and ask my teacher when I do not understand something. If I need to make an appointment, I will do it.

#10. I will reward myself each time I have a successful test or a great grade. I deserve it!

Do you have some more to add? Add them as a comment. Thanks!

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