Are you making time for your favorite things? Rewind to recharge.

Food for thought: are you taking time off for yourself during school?

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I know, I know.

When you are in school there seems to be ONLY time for homework, classes, studies, and trying to catch up at home or keep your head above water.

Do you think you could carve out an hour or two a week for your favorite things? I am talking about pampering yourself (hair color, a special bath, a beauty session, working on a hobby or your art, writing on your blog or diary, doing a craft, etc. etc.)

Taking time out for yourself or the things or people you love can help you with your "regular" life. Think of this time as a mini-vacation. You will be fresher and happier went you get back to your regular duties and classes. Your grades may even curve up.

You may have such a full calendar that you feel you can't pencil in time for yourself. Or maybe you already make time for yourself or your hobby in each week. I personally think more people are workaholics while they are in school, and sometimes forget about relaxation, which can help you actually learn better by not being as mentally and physically exhausted all the time.

Do you personally have a favorite hobby that you make time for, even if you are in school right now?  Or (good too) do you take time out to pamper yourself each week?

In other words, do you allow time for yourself in one way or another during your busy school and work schedule?

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