Websites and tips to help you study for that exam or test

Hello, nontraditional students!

Now is the time many people are doing reports, final folders, and studying for that important exam or test.

I have several good sites that will help you study. The very best one is the Joe Landsberger site.

Another good study skills site is the Study Strategies page from the University of Minnesota at Duluth.

Misty, one of my readers, suggested the Education Atlas. It has a lot of different sections on it too.

You can also find more study skills links at the Nontrad Study skills page.

I used to think that I would NEVER get my holiday shopping and presents done, with all the things I had to accomplish. Then I would worry about it some, before totally forgetting about it until the last minute.

Another nontraditional student is also thinking about how SHE will get things done. You can see her link in the comments section after this post, or go here to read her posting.

Back to my story. I was worried that I would not finish everything, BUT my other things did get done.

And there is nothing like how I felt after everything was done, all my work in, and my computer Teaching assignments posted. AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Now THERE was a great present for myself, along with a huge sigh of relief.

Nontraditionally Yours,


  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I've only got one final exam this semester, but since I'm an English major, I've got final papers to write. It's funny you mention Christmas preparations in the same post. I just wrote about finals and holidays happening at the same time on my blog:“i-got-them-end-of-semester-start-of-the-holidays-blues…”/

    Check it out, if you get the chance. I love your blog and check in a couple times each week. Colleen

  2. Finals and Christmas - what a combination, especially for a non-traditional student! I am happy to say that I managed both simultaneously and scored a 3.77 GPA.

    Thank you for the study links!

  3. Congratulations, Melissa! That is really great. I hope you get a little bit of vacation now before more classes.


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