Do you go with your head... or your heart?

Going back to school to do what you love.

There are many reasons that nontraditional students go back to school after a break of however many years. Many want to have a more secure job, or one that pays better. Others want to do something entirely different after already having one or more careers.

Some others want to give back, or help others. And other people want to move up in their career. They may have been in this career ever since high school or even before.

Are you going back to school right now? You might be thinking about your reasons for being back in school. For instance, do you have a choice about what you are taking?

And then there is the time element. Do you feel like you need to hurry back OUT of school so you can have a steady paycheck and start paying down debts? Perhaps you just want some courses, or to go back for a year or two, NOT four more years. Perhaps your family is not supportive, so the faster you finish, the better.
The reasons people are in school (or stop being in school) are many.

I know I've thought about these things - time, money, and what I wanted to do when going back to school. I chose to get get out of school sooner, rather than later, and use all the courses I have had in the past as possible towards my new career (being a teacher).

I have another two years I can go back to school and get loans for it. But I am not sure anymore whether learning in a traditional way, and trying the same teaching job again would be best.

What I have learned... do NOT to go for the easiest route (getting out faster vs. going for what you would like better).

I know taking another 2 years (or however many it will take) of school is daunting, but I would say if it's a choice, to go for the subject or job that you love more.

Do you go with your head... or your heart? Or do you try to go with both? What is your nontraditional student story? Let me know by commenting below.

Nontraditionally yours,

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