A Nontraditional Student Thanksgiving 2010.

Here are some things nontraditional students can be thankful for this year:

1. They are going for their dream.

2. Though they may not have lots of money right now, many nontraditional students still can celebrate Thanksgiving with their family.

3. Some nontraditional students who are going it on their own can get a thanksgiving dinner on campus. That is SOME.

4.  Nontraditional students who are taking classes know that they won't have to go back and say to themselves someday, "what if??"

5. Nontraditional students have almost finished up the semester.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, nontraditional students! 

Oh - and do COMMENT after this post, and let other readers know how you are doing in school, and what you have planned for Thanksgiving too.


PS Another Thanksgiving posting: Via NPR: Who is Missing from your Thanksgiving table?

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This photo of the Thanksgiving Square Chapel in downtown Dallas, Texas USA is by Schlusselbein2007/John McStravick.