No Non-Trad Left Behind

Still waiting, today. Maybe I'll go and check out the Fafsa site. It couldn't hurt. This year cancels our vacation to Nashville, but my husband and I DID get to see a movie or two. YAY. About the non-traditional student: sometimes things come up that totally demolish our plans, but being FLEXIBLE is something that only some people can be.

Non-traditional students tend to be the flexible type -- they cope with many difficulties to get through school and sometimes have to decide to change plans in midstream.

Does this phase the non-traditional student? NO! Well, maybe for a while, but eventually, with enough gumption and hard work, all non-traditional students CAN succeed. (I sound like an advertisement for No Child Left Behind!) This Post is called NO NON-TRAD LEFT BEHIND.

I liked the photo here. There are many here at Check them out. Some people just want a comment. I prefer to give credit on the photo itself through a quick Photoshop overlay. I use Photoshop 4 on my Mac.

More later.

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