Climbing Mount Everest

The Discovery Channel is showing climbers trying to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Click Here to find out more about the base camps and history of the climb.

It's scary, really - not something I feel drawn to do.

I have been close to here but not in Nepal, in northern India in the Himalayan foothills. The mountains were beautiful. We went over some mountain passes on horseback. The drops were huge to the side of some of the narrow passes.

About mountain climbing: in the TV special, some people had the energy to do the climb, some had to turn back, and others wondered if they had done the right thing.

I think that's a lot like life - and certainly apros pos to what is going on tonight - New Year's Eve. Many people must wonder: what did I learn this year? What did I learn about myself? What are my NEW goals? Do I turn back or do I go forward? And which direction do I go?

These people are truly brave. Some are more foolhardy than brave... the leader of this group has had his friends die on the mountain.

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