Springtime.... the end of the semester is in sight, final projects, summer classes, tips for now, plus handy article links

The end of Spring Semester is in sight. 

Sailing into the future. Photo credit: htemske on Flickr.

Now is the time to work on Final Projects, study for tests and exams, and plan for next year.

Some nontraditional students are thinking about taking the summer off. Others want to get some more classes in this summer.

Pros and Cons of Summer Classes
When I took summer classes, it was not planned. I found out I needed some more credits (the CLEP didn't take!)

I liked the fact that I COULD take them and not have to take a whole semester more just for two classes (PRO)

But I didn't like the weather that summer (really hot) and the condensed nature of the classes made them more of a chore than a pleasure.

Here is a short list of things to think about for now, Summer and next year:

1. Have you gotten in touch with your advisor? Not doing this could make a (bad) difference later on.

2.  Are you taking the summer off? If not, are you going to get a job and put it towards your school expenses? Or maybe you just want to take a breather.

3. Are you keeping a calendar for those important papers and projects (due soon...)? It can really help.

4. Have you made a decision on a major or course of study? Those who have may have less stress.

5. Are you already registered for next Fall? (if applicable)

6. If you are graduating, did you already contact somebody about the ceremony, get your robe (if needed) etc.?

What important things did I leave out?

Leave a comment, nontraditional student friends. And those who help them.

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