Five calendar tips for nontraditional students

for nontraditional students

These calendar tips will help nontraditional students find their way when they are first starting back to school.

1. Buy a personal schedule book and calendar. You don't have to get an expensive one, but do get a current one with plenty of room for all assignments.

You can also get an erasable calendar to put up on your front door, or just use your small calendar that will fit into your book back or purse. You will be surprised how much this calendar will help you with assignments and scheduling.

2. Write all your assignment due dates down on the calendar, and then work backwards from the due date to chop each assignment into manageable pieces. For instance, put "look up references" on your calendar so you can get that step done before your essay or report is due.

You will find that keeping up with notebooks and starting assignments early will really help you come "crunch" time. Then instead of cramming everything into one week, you will stay calm and collected and be able to study a lot more.

3. Put your class locations, room number, building and times on the front of your calendar. Also, put the teacher's name there. You will be surprised how much this will help. I know I did not memorize each teacher's name for awhile, and used my class location and time information every day.

4. Put at least one other student's name and contact information in your calendar, and note which class they are in. This will save your booty when you are sick or miss some inportant information in class.

5. (VERY important) Look at your calendar EVERY DAY. Do not ever forget a day. And look ahead in the calendar so you know what is coming up.

I hope this calendar guide is helpful!

Nontraditionally yours,


  1. Another great post. Although it may sound simple, there are many people out there who do not do this. I cannot survive without my "Electronic brain" (a Palm PDA/Phone)

    I will be sure and link this post in my Reaching Lifelong Goals blog!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate that a lot.


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