Good luck on Midterms - plus sign up for the Nontrad News

Good luck on Midterms!
Photo credit: CollegeDegrees360 on Flickr.

I am wishing all nontraditional students the best of luck on midterms. And I hope you have a GREAT Spring Break, even if you have to work on projects instead of taking a vacation.

Here are some sites and postings that may help you with studying this semester too.

#1. Midterms and Grades - how to improve them

#2. Nontraditional Students and Midterms - how is it going? Are you in the groove?

#3. My best study tips (and what are yours?) 

PS I need just one more person to sign up for the Nontrads News (below) and then I will make a new issue. Thanks ahead of time!


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