The Nontrad News, the Sequester, and good luck on Exams!

It's about time for a new Nontrad News to come out. 
I am waiting for three more people to sign up for it. That will mean there are 700 readers for it this time. Yay! I am so excited about that.

New readers, you can help me out by signing up for this newsletter below this posting. I only need three more readers, and then I'll make another issue soon. Thanks ahead of time.

Also, there are more recent Nontrad News issues here you can download for free, if you just want to check them out. Here are a few of the older issues:

The Nontrad News Issues page on the Nontrad site.  (These are older issues. I'm working on getting the newer issues on here too.)

I plan to list some blog postings in the next Nontrad News issue, and talk about exams and plans for summer and next Fall.

If you would like to be in the Newsletter, want to talk about your Nontrad experiences in a posting, or have some ideas for the blog, the site, or the Newsletter, just comment below.

Another thought - how the Sequester may affect nontrads
Something I have been thinking about lately is the government Sequester and how it might affect nontraditional students.

In fact, it could affect them in many ways. So I have written about them on the Find Scholarships and Grants blog today. 

You can read this posting here:

The U.S. Sequester may pose financial aid hardships for college students this year and next 

I hope for all nontraditional students' sake that our government leaders can stop all the grandstanding and actually do what we voted them to do - get down to business. Do you have tests or exams this week?  Good luck on them. And keep us posted!


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