This year's ANTSHE Conference is March 8-10. Is your group attending?

Heads up, nontraditional students. 
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The ANTSHE Conference is coming up.

This year's theme is Bridging the Culture: Engaging Adult Education Professionals and Adult Student Learners.

Date: March 8-10

Place: Winston Salem State University

You can find out more about the conference at their website here:
ANTSHE on the Web.

Their name stands for the Association for Non-Traditional  Students in Higher Education.

I often wished that the WKU Nontrads group I was in would be able to attend this. Of course, a person can also attend who is not in a nontraditional student group.

Does your school have a nontraditional student group?

You can check on the Nontrad site's State Pages, and you can also add your group here.

Have you attended an ANTSHE conference? Leave a comment about your experience.

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