Do you vacation on the weekend? Or do you stay glued to the books?

Hello again, nontraditional students.

This weekend was Concave, which was held in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was so fun.

Some of the people I knew back the first time I was in college at WKU were there. It was great to see old and new friends.
The Concave welcome sign.

I know that some nontraditional students like science fiction conventions. Others enjoy vacationing, or taking a staycation sometimes.

When I was a nontraditional student, I don't remember ever just taking a weekend off. It is possible I may have once or twice, but I always ALSO took my books with me.

But it's possible to take a break every now and then, especially if you are a good planner.

Spring break is coming up.

Nontrads, do you have Spring Break plans? Do you take weekend trips sometimes and always take your computer and homework?

A beach dream  by virtualphotographystudio on Flickr.

This beach photo looks like a perfect place to vacation. Are you well ahead of your assignments?

Just curious! I hope school is going well.

Here is a quick pep talk for today, and some sites to help you.

If you are stressed, and wondering how to get ahead before Spring Break, focusing on organization can help.

And taking a short stress-relieving break can also help.

Getting a better grade can depend on making a study group, OR just devoting yourself to more study time.

Here are a couple of postings here that may also help from the Nontraditional Student website.

#1. Helpful links for nontraditional students
This page on the Nontrads site helps nontrads set goals, find out more about what you really want from school, and how to make friends too.

#2. The Study Skills page on the Nontrads site features a great website made by Joe Landsberger, which is very helpful in helping nontraditional students and others to focus, get better grades, apply study tips, and lots more.

I have taken some photos of this Concave weekend here if you would like to see them:

The Concave Art Auction 2013

Some Concave Friends

and Concave 34: some Friday pix.

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And remember, you CAN do it!


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