Some musings about organization, spring break and bunny classes - NOT!

Well, the WKU spring break is here.  
Many other schools are now letting students take a study break, visit family, go on a short trip, OR have more time for projects.

Art Students and Teacher Ed Students work really hard.
Are you an art student? I found Spring Break a great time to catch up when I was first in school.

Are you a teacher ed student? We had reports and folders, and sometimes presentations to get ready for class during this time too. I don't think many people know how difficult teacher education is.

I was a nontraditional student during this time. Somehow it was more important to be better prepared AHEAD of time for my classes when I went back to school.

Nothing against other subjects, but art and teacher ed aren't the "Bunny Classes" that some make them out to be.

Bunnies - by Raining Rita on Flickr.

Organization was the key when I was a nontraditional student.

It helped me so much to get ahead of the game, and do assignments little by little. No more staying up all night for me. I just didn't have the stamina to stay up all night any more. Or maybe I remembered how awful I used to feel doing this.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad that I did things early. I didn't need the stress of knowing a deadline was there and I wasn't ready for - -  whatever.

What are your plans? And what is coming up for you this semester, nontrads? How did your tests or quizzes go? How is your project or report going? List your nontrad blog or comment below.

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