Back to school after Spring Break 2013 - new online articles, more

Back to school! (after Spring Break...)

It's back to school now for my daughter, who is a non-traditional student at the local Technical College, which is linked to WKU.

She is taking pre-nursing classes.

Now is the final push towards the end of Spring Semester. I hope things are going well for all my readers.

Here are some new online articles that may be of interest.

Financial Aid - - Financial Aid is First Step in College Admissions (by Deb Peterson)

I'm Waitlisted: Now What? (The Grad School Wait List) - very short article by Tara Kuther, Ph.D.

Free GMAT Practice Test (from Karen Schweitzer)

A Somber Look at College Tuition Rates (by Rishona)

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This blog is for nontraditional students, who are going back to school after a break. Many people who help them also have subscribed.

Nontrads face many difficulties, pressures, and obstacles in their journey back to school.

I like to tell them, Remember, you CAN do it!

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