Recharging your batteries... do you have a break now?

I hope you can recharge your batteries this month, nontraditional students.  

And I do hope you have some break in-between this and next semester.
By FlaviaC (Own work) CC-BY-3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

What a pretty picture. Well, we can dream, right??

So... what are your plans? I hope they include relaxing and having fun. The link below (You Deserve an Award) has some ideas on how to pamper yourself during this time - - after finals, and before your next classes.

How has this semester gone? Good, I hope. If you want to share and talk about it, just leave a comment below.

Or just leave a comment anyhow.

I have enjoyed doing this blog this year, and hope to make it even better in 2014.

Have a GREAT holiday!

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You Deserve an Award and Some Rewards

I hope you did great on your finals. The very best of luck to you, nontraditional students in Winter or Spring term next.

Have a great break!

Former Nontraditional Student

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