Have a wonderful holiday, nontraditional students!

Many nontraditional students are getting Christmas celebrations ready for their families.

Others are celebrating Yule or Hanukkah.

Whatever you are celebrating, I hope the remainder of this year and the whole of the next year is full of hope and happiness for you and everyone you love.

Christmas pudding - by  Musical Linguist on en.wikipedia

When I saw this picture, I wanted some of this! It looks great.

I have sampled only a few Christmas puddings, but I liked them. I love fruitcake too, no matter what some people say about it.

I think it might be high in healthy fruit fiber. I want one made with whole wheat, fruit, and having lots of nuts in it too. PLUS no sugar added would be nice OR made with stevia. Yum.

All for now,
Former Nontrad at WKU

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