More Nontraditional Student Stories

I enjoy reading about other nontraditional students and hearing their stories.

Sometimes nontrads share their tips for success, other times they just talk about how going back to school after a break changed their lives.

Here are a couple places you can read about nontraditional students and hear about their experiences.

#1. See many stories via the  Nontraditional Students Articles Page at the Nontrad Student website.

#2. The Fastweb Success Stories from Nontraditional Stories page - Fastweb shares examples of challenges many different nontraditional students faced when going back to school. From family challenges to attitude changes that needed to happen, these stories might sound familiar to you.

#3. Nontraditional Students Return to Learn article review - - read about a fellow nontrad from Billings, Montana (featured on the Nontrad Blog)

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