A new nontraditional student story from Billings Montana

I love nontraditional student stories.
Here is a recent one about a nontraditional student in Billings, Montana.

This student is 51 and a grandmother. She and other students had several questions to ask about going back to school. Some were:
How do I find a <class> building?
Where do I go for help?
How do I use a computer? and
How do I balance children, work, and school?

I have heard of these questions before from other nontraditional students who attended WKU and other schools.

In this article by Sarah Gravlee, MSU-B (Montana State University, Billings) decided to put on a TRiO free seminar, Return to Learn, to answer these questions and more.

I liked this article, and I think you will too. Here it is:

Nontraditional Students Return to Learn.

Are you returning to school? Leave a comment about your learning journey.

Former nontraditional student
at Western Kentucky University