Nontraditional students - heads up!

Nontraditional students need to do their homework when choosing a school. 
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A while back, I wrote about for-profit schools, and warned that nontraditional students must be very careful when taking classes at some of them, because the credits may not transfer to other schools. And they can be very expensive.

Plus (see the link below) some for-profit schools actually tell students that they should take classes that don't work out for them, or give bad advice to students about whether they are a good fit for a certain program.

So... my advice is to be very careful. Make sure that your credits will transfer to other schools when you choose a college or university.

The other day, a news story came out here locally that Daymar schools' credits in Tennessee did not transfer as students had been told. Now these students are taking this college to court.

I added another story about Kaplan University, another for-profit school, in the links below. Are they really paying their executives huge salaries? And who is paying for them? The article also goes into how much each degree costs at these schools - PLUS there are many fees students must also pay.

Heads up, nontrads!

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