F2F Students - can you keep your opinion to yourself?

Nontrads and Keeping Quiet Once in Awhile

Admit it, nontraditional students. Sometimes a class is just so interesting you just want to share so badly.

You want to say what only you can - - maybe tell a story about what happened to you when you were younger. Maybe you have an insight from something you have lived through or know. And on and on.

And yes, this does have more to do with students who are in a face-to-face class than online ones, but face it. Sometimes you (the nontraditional student in class)  just have to tell yourself to STOP being the first one with your hand up, the annoying one who has to always say something in class. And goes on and on, using up all the class time, when others would love to enter in.

It's not that you are totally boring, (or maybe...) but other people also want to share once in awhile. That's the jist of it.

Slow down... and let some of the other students say something too. Just saying. I once had this problem, and I have seen other nontraditional students steal the show in class too. It doesn't go over well with other class members.

Some nontraditional students may even want to stay quiet for a change. It might help out - make you more popular AND a lot less annoying to your classmates. And maybe even your instructor.

That's my advice. Take it easy, and sit on your hands once in awhile -- and maybe more often than that.

Former Nontraditional Student at WKU