What to bring in your backpack the first day of classes

We had this question lately at the Nontrad Yahoo Group.

Here it is: What should you bring the first day of classes?

Here are some ideas. These things can be put in a backpack.

#1. A notebook for each class (and maybe extra paper to lend out if needed)

#2. Cough drops

#3. Money (maybe for lunches - - or pack one)

#4. A watch (that could go on your wrist...)

#5. A map of the campus, room numbers, scheduler

#6. More than one pen and pencil just in case

#7. (Sometimes) a laptop

#8. Books or workbook(s) for class

#9. Water bottle

Another poster on the Nontrad Yahoo Group site also said another item would be handy. It is confidence. I loved that one!

Do you have any other ideas? I know there are more things that would be handy.

Former Nontraditional Student in Education, WKU

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