Are you deciding by yourself what classes to take?

Or, in other words, are you going it alone with your class scheduling?

I did that for a couple of years when I was a "traditional" student. Then, I learned that I had to take two classes over that I thought I didn't have to take.

It was a big, and expensive surprise.

Then it turns out that if I had gone to talk to another advisor at the school, (after finding this out) I may have been able to NOT take these courses after all. So I was doubly wrong to try to figure things out myself.

My advice is to always check your schedule with a school advisor. AND, if you hear you have to re-take courses that you think you don't have to take, go to another totally different advisor to see what can be done.

You may also learn of pre-requisites or additional classes that you need too, or alternate choices you can make, and save yourself some time and money.

Good luck next semester, nontraditional students! I hope school is going well for you. And for those who are just thinking about going back to school, what is holding you back?

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Former Nontraditional Student at WKU

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