Final project excitement... Get Excited! How this can help.

Artists, scientists, teachers, and everyone else who has a final project: 

Are You Excited???
She is SO excited! Are YOU excited like this?

I read a comment today on a former posting about final projects of nontraditional students. This inspired my posting. My fellow nontraditional student first told about her assignments, and how time was running out.

But then she also said in her next comment how excited she was about the projects.

I think that this is going to make a huge difference in finishing the projects. I know when I am excited the time flies by and I am intrigued, not bored, but projects. I lose myself in the process. This can happen when I write, and when I am creating.
Being excited can turn just a job into something REALLY fun, and a cut above. It might even lead to a prize, an award, or a GREAT grade.

People can tell if you are excited. It weaves itself into what you are doing, and can infuse it with true genius.
So... I am adding this to my suggestions.

Nontraditional Students, Get Excited!!!

If you are still in the selection process when it comes to final papers, projects, dissertations, fiction or non-fiction writing, or another project, select something that makes you excited. I have a distinct feeling that this will make all the difference in getting it done, making it great, and being proud of what you create.

So... Are you excited? I hope so!

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Nontraditionally Yours,

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This wonderful excited photo is from the Microsoft Clipart Pages.